It is important to look for signs of termites in the home. Since an infestation can go on for a long time without being noticed, get professional help as soon as you suspect a problem. The first step is to have your home inspected for termites by a professional.

Watch Out for Swarms

Termites with wings leave the nest to reproduce and are called swarmers. If you see large swarms of termites inside or outside of your home, call a professional to inspect for the other signs of termites in the home. You should get rid of them before they have a chance to reproduce on your property.

Discarded Wings

Once termites mate, they discard their wings. The leftover wings can be found on flooring, in window sills, in door frames, on top of your furniture, and in many other places. If you find termites wings around your home, this is one of the more obvious signs of termites in the home.

Mud Tunnels

Mud tunnels are another one of the signs of termites in the home. If you notice small tunnels in wood, the foundation, doorways, sheetrock, or other places around your home, you should be concerned. Termite tunnels are not always visible, but you should get expert help when you see them.

Signs of Damage

Certain structural damage is one of the signs of termites in the home. Warped windows or doors that are hard to open and close are often a sign. If your ceiling starts to buckle or sag, you could have termites in your ceiling or roof. Look for discoloration in your ceilings. In some cases, termite damage may look like water damage. Also, knock on wood and see if it sounds hollow.

What to Do If You Spot Signs of Termites in the Home

Although termites are small, they can do a substantial amount of damage fast. Hire a termite inspector at the first sign of termite trouble around your home so you can get to the source and treat the problem.

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